About Advanced Buildings

Advanced Buildings® is a designation for high performance new construction projects that stand out for their energy efficiency and healthy environments, representing a best-in-class commercial building that adds value and saves time and money. Projects that apply the New Construction Guide can be deemed an Advanced Building

Advanced Buildings also offers additional Design Tools on best practice in energy-efficient lighting, daylighting, HVAC and other critical aspects of low-energy buildings. This Advanced Buildings "Toolbox" supports the specific criteria in the New Construction Guide but also can help with any scale of energy efficiency project. 

This guidance and technical basis have been developed and managed by New Buildings Institute (NBI).  In addition to the development of Advanced Buildings tools and guidance, NBI offers educational resources such as case studies, webinars, research findings and market integration tools for driving high performance buildings. 

Advanced Buildings Toolbox

New Construction Guide—This guide, our newest resource, offers a comprehensive approach to new commercial construction projects that achieves efficiencies up to 40% higher than conventional buildings.

Core Performance Guide—The predecessor to our New Construction Guide (currently represented as Tier 1 in the New Construction Guide), Core Performance offers an integrated design approach for achieving energy savings of up to 25% in small- to medium-sized buildings. This LEED-recognized path outlines more than 30 design criteria without the need for modeling.

ALG Online—The Advanced Lighting Guidelines, now online, is the premier resource for energy efficient lighting design, technologies and applications written and vetted by industry leaders. Eight chapters and two directories cover lighting design theory, implications, policies, technical best practices, design guidance and more for new and existing commercial spaces.

Daylighting Pattern Guide—An interactive tool that showcases real-world examples and advanced simulation to help designers integrate daylighting. It presents a variety of commercial building types including offices, schools and warehouses across a variety of climate zones and reduces the need for modeling.

Daylighting Guide for Office Interiors—This straightforward guide helps interior architects and designers maximize the value of daylighting design for office spaces. It outlines proper space planning, window coverings and interior finishes, providing benefit information that can help designers make the case for daylighting.

Plug Load Best Practices Guide—An operations toolkit outlining best practices for addressing office plug loads, a growing energy use in commercial buildings. It outlines five no- and low-cost steps and strategies for managing the energy consumption of appliances, equipment, and other “plug” loads.

Rooftop Unit HVAC Efficiency—This primer provides solutions to improve the efficiency of existing unitary heating and cooling equipment, commonly known as rooftop units (RTUs).